Very Big, Very Belated Update!

Hi folks! Sorry its been quiet on the blog; we’ve been focused mainly on communication via Discord, but will try to be better about communicating here as well in the future. 🙂 That said, if you haven’t already joined our Discord community, you really should. We even have a nifty vanity URL now!

This upcoming beta build has a first rough pass at rebalancing elemental attributes. It is *NOT* complete, but is a large part of the way there and we figured might as well start testing it sooner rather than later. What’s missing is a rebalance of several elemental dungeons (mostly the fire and lightning ones). What we *have* rebalanced is: Frozen Owl Monastery, Super Secret Base, Temple of Bast and Venom Compound.

Things that have changed for the aforementioned elements & dungeons:

  • Halved the # of elemental upgrades to max. Applies to both damage and defense.
  • Decreased the droprate of upgrades by something like 40% give or take across all sources.
  • Doubled the strength of elemental attack upgrades.
  • Tripled the strength of elemental resistance upgrades.
  • Enemies in rebalanced dungeons no longer do combo elemental/physical damage. It’s 100% elemental now.
  • Enemies in rebalanced dungeons are inflicting 50% more damage.
  • Enemies in rebalanced dungeons effectively have 50% more health.

Other, unrelated changes:


  • Assault’s bash now reduces damage from enemy bullets by 40% for the duration of the maneuver
  • Quad/Paladin’s maneuver is shielded (temp for Paladin, as we hope to change its maneuver someday)
  • Duster’s base health reduced by 10%
  • Dagger Knight: Shorter shield phases on T0-T9 Shield Blasts (lasts longer as you tier up)
  • Bomb Factory: Many new rooms (which won’t all spawn in any given run)
  • Bomb Factory: New “bomb fuse” unit, tweaks to enemies to make them work better with bombs
  • Reeducation Camp: Many new rooms & new “heat vent” traps
  • Reeducation Camp: Added “anti-rushing barricades” in various places.
  • Removed XP farm exploit on Soul Collector quest
  • Made requirements for Vault quest less error prone.
  • Raised “Prison Box” quest item drop rate
  • Removed all T2-T6 dungeon keys from store


  • Show item info when you mouseover an item in the trade screen
  • Only show damage number fly-ups for the local player
  • Added option to control whether clicking a radar icon initiates a teleport. Defaults to disabled.
  • Tweaked visuals of item equip popups
  • Raw dungeon names no longer displayed in friend locations.
  • Fixed item info panel sometimes sticking around after closing Storage.
  • Immediately join friends on different servers via the Friend List or /tp or /teleport command.
  • Mini friends online list displays correct number of online friends total.
  • When you accept or try hand-in a giver quest, make it your active quest
  • Don’t show events and news in new user flow


  • Debug information now has a graph for memory usage (managed memory, assets and similar are not included)
  • Optimized plane outlines; should look nicer and impact perf less
  • Added graphics settings option to override antialiasing level
  • Combined mouse and keyboard controls into one keybinding menu (finally!)
  • Fixed binding modifier keys (CTRL/Alt/Shift) as solo inputs.
  • Can now bind individual modifiers + keys (CTRL + A, etc.) Note: some existing bindings have been reset.
  • Gamepad controls only show when a gamepad is connected.
  • Extend initial connection timeout to 1s to avoid some unnecessary reconnection attempts.
  • Minor bug fix where some dungeon room orientations weren’t considered
  • Lots of random little bugfixes and changes to help future development
  • Better logging for quests, to help diagnose crafting cancellation bug


  • Higher tiers of machine guns (up to T10) shoot cooler-looking bullets, but only you see them; other players still see the less-noisy versions we’re all accustomed to. If this seems cool, we’ll do this for all the other guns too.

Last but not least, we’re finally starting to showcase our character art more! Check out this sweet new keyart that we’re using as the Discord banner. 🙂