Development Roadmap

Folks have asked what’s on our roadmap. I don’t have time right now to put together something totally comprehensive or formal, but here’s a quick and dirty list:

  • MAJOR: ongoing stability fixes (i.e. find and fix things like yesterday’s infinite shake)
  • MAJOR: ongoing lag-prevention fixes
  • MAJOR: ongoing work on auditing, to make sure it is ready to catch and ban cheaters at launch
  • MAJOR: localization work
  • CONTENT: make each experience with a dungeon feel at least somewhat unique (more fun randomness)
  • A wide variety of things to help new users understand the game, particularly new users who aren’t RotMG veterans
  • Integrate Steam friends-list into SBA automatically
  • Block player functionality, to help you ignore trolls
  • New system that gives us more flexibility to apply many different, temporary modifications to player aircraft. Would unlock all sorts of cool possibilities.
  • Custom cursor / letting players mouse off screen
  • Ongoing keybinding work (this has generally been a nightmare, we’re slowly improving it but will take time.)
  • Elemental system rebalance
  • A bunch of bugfixes of all different types

Additionally, we are hoping to get Guilds (Flocks?) in the game before Early Access. It’s going to be tight but we’re currently planning to try.

When, in order to maintain our sanity, we need a break from one of the more intense and long-term tasks noted above, we often try to slip in little QoL things. Quick, easy things like putting a shield on the Quad during its maneuver. We have a giant list of those that we want to do when we have a minute here or there.

Things we’re pretty confident we won’t get to before Early Access, but would love to get to not TOO long thereafter:

  • More dualstick classes (I’ve already mentioned the Vampire as a top candidate for new class.)
  • Changing crafting items into currencies, so they don’t consume storage/inventory space.
  • “Death quests” (cool things you only get to do after you get shot down; “getting revenge” so to speak.)
  • Elite units (stronger, faster, deadlier versions of existing enemies.)
  • Player spotlights (putting top players on billboards in the overworld and cool stuff like that.)
  • Flock vs Flock competitions (not PvP, but other cool stuff)
  • Minimap improvements
  • Spectator Mode

No idea when we’ll get to ALL of those things, but they are all things we definitely want to do eventually, as long as the game is successful enough to suppor the effort