Quests and Bombs

This weekend’s update:


  • Chariot Judge: More aggressive self-destruct for wandering, camera zoom on racetrack minion
  • Bomb boss: Shields at 50%, does a big full screen attack
  • Improvements to bomb dungeon bullet exploders, added to Loose Bomb
  • Increased the range and speed of many traps in the Laser Playground; made boss more dangerous for long range classes and less stompable in general.
  • War Horse: new head guns, more health
  • Added missing tags to Scythe of Zed
  • More tackle damage on White Spider
  • More aggressive return home for Ambassador Diplomats
  • Added setpiece boss quests to daily quest buckets
  • Changed Saturday quests drops from dark steel to 2 elemental steels
  • Upgraded T10 items to “rare”
  • Updated Rei with longer-range bullet patterns
  • Fixed issue causing approximately half of quests to give loot one tier lower than intended
  • Handful of new quests, including new campaign quest that introduces the concept of setpiece bosses
  • Sneezy: Upgraded bomb vfx, detects when players are camping under its wings and lobs extra bombs at them, bombs drop less health and steam.
  • Jinn: Fixed transition bug, improvements to existing guns, reduced “blind spots” to hang out in, lots of small improvements


  • Disable damage flyups from allied players
  • Fixed big perf drain in chat UI
  • Fixed tutorial dialog sometimes showing over EULA
  • Always show level numbers for enemies
  • If either player changes any aspect of a trade, the ability to accept the trade will be disabled for 3 seconds
  • Raw dungeon names won’t show up in friends lists


  • More backend stability work
  • Server perf improvements for plane switching
  • Server perf improvement for store; should make RC in general more stable
  • RC can now support significantly more than 60 players
  • Support for new map creation features that should enable us to make dungeon generation more varied and interesting in the future


  • Damage taken #s (only for your aircraft) have been restored to visibility
  • Laser Playground’s immortal bosses have had their immortality brutally ripped away
  • A few minor textfixes