A Patch of Common Rarity

This week’s update:

Server performance:

  • Major optimizations to reduce lag
  • Additional tracking to help hunt down any causes of lag that remain

UI changes:

  • Outside the RC, everyone’s pilot rank and aircraft level is now hidden.
  • You can customize rank and level visibility in the options menu.
  • Gun descriptions have been cleaned up:
    • Gun mount info has been condensed
    • Short tips (“shotguns do more damage up close”) has been added
  • Items now have a visible rarity: common/rare/epic/legendary
  • Key-bind for cycling active quest is shown in quest UI
  • Fixed bug preventing Old Faithful skins from being applied correctly.

Content changes:

  • Bomb dungeon reworked:
    • More varied enemies / bullet patterns
    • Boss gives better loot
    • Added “factory worker”- hard to catch/kill but very rewarding
  • White Spider minions:
    • Less invulnerability
    • Fixed bugs
  • Catipede Nest boss buffed
  • Meowza minion consumables have been restored
  • Raptor premium variants now listed in store

Other changes:

  • All the missing plane variant descriptions have been filled in
  • Muzzle flashes have been removed from swords
  • Ongoing work to support localization into many languages