The Game Finally has a Trailer!

Changelog for the week:


  • White Spider: Major rework. Added new moves where boss shoots webs and pounces at players. Loads of other tiny tweaks
  • Kai: New vulnerable phase / attack where boss ricochets around rapidly
  • Island: Minions of T8+ bosses and event bosses now drop 50% less steam consumables
  • Meowza: Minions now drop 50% fewer health and steam consumables overall

Player planes:

  • Bandit: +10% health buff
  • Engineer turret: -40% DPS, added piercing
  • Barrel roll maneuver: -33% steam cost
  • Himmelman (180) maneuver: -50% steam cost
  • New weapon muzzle flashes: they’re a bit more exciting than before. But you can’t see other players’ flashes, just your own, to avoid noise issues.


  • Paladin 1-B: (Nerfed) lowered XP gain from 51-55% to 31-35%
  • Paladin 3-B: (Nerfed) lowered secondary cost reduction from -30% to -20%
  • Paladin 4-A: (Buffed) lowered maxHP penalty from -50% to -25%

Pilot Portraits:

  • Added change portrait button to options menu
  • Portrait no longer rerolls on password/username error
  • Chat always displays correct portrait


  • Fixed tabbing on text fields skipping over the next item, shift+tab works correctly too
  • Limited new username registration to 16 characters max
  • Correct error messages for duplicate usernames


  • Inventory full warning now includes Drop Trash command text
  • Inventory displays Drop Trash command when full
  • Bindings menu category name changes (hovercraft/dual, plane/single)
  • Hiding relative controls until players have a plane


  • Disable automatic death gif capture and upload on the client -> less lag and bandwidth usage after death
  • Found a major memory leak and did a temp patch of it for this weekend. Proper fix soon ™
  • Fixed item info sometimes rendering underneath chat