Choose Your Character

For technical reasons, dps boosts were benefiting every class’ guns (as intended) but only the special attacks of the Bandit, Duster and Assault. Those three were never intended to be “special” in this regard, it was just an oversight on our part (and the reason Duster is always accused of being OP.) As of this build, the Bandit, Duster and Assault no longer receive favorable treatment.

With this update you can finally choose your bird avatar instead of being randomly assigned one. Customization enthusiasts rejoice!

Portrait Selection Menu


  • Low tier setpiece bosses (up to T5) don’t count towards Meowza summoning, and they will respawn approximately every 10 minutes, so new players have some nice juicy targets
  • New Player Portraits
  • Portrait selection UI in new account creation
  • No longer require client restart to see changed portraits
  • /newportrait no longer available/necessary for everyone
  • Territory/Dungeon name and suggested levels are displayed to the left of the minimap
  • Fire Dungeon Units visual Update
  • Reduced size on some graveyard environment meshes
  • Various smoke fixes
  • Friendly weekends are now automatic, from 10 AM PT on Fridays, for 3 days
  • Damage Boosts now only affects the main gun, not secondary attacks or maneuvers
  • Properly (hopefully) fix the issue where multiple dungeon portals might spawn very close to each other. Pls report if you see this happening from now on!
  • Walls don’t have those cat skull icons anymore
  • Pilot rank icons are always visible to the left of your username, and to the left of other players’ usernames
  • Add key replacement text functionality to conversations
  • Updated the storage NPC intro conversation
  • Seargent tells you which button to use to return to Rebel City in the tutorial
  • Some better internal logging to help diagnose server issues