Open Beta Announcement

Happy to announce that open beta will begin this Friday! Anyone will be able to download the game and play the game starting at approximately 10am PST (I say “approximately” because Valve is publishing a special open beta store page for the game, which will only be public from Friday to Monday morning, and I don’t know if they’ll have it done at 10am sharp.)

If you’ve already got a key and have the game installed, don’t worry, you can just keep on playing the game the same way you always do. No need to install anything new.

If you haven’t gotten a key yet, well you’re in luck, you won’t need one anymore if you show up sometime between Friday to Sunday.

I’ll post the beta URL on Discord on Friday morning for folks who need it, as soon as it goes live. Please let all your friends know.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the current plan is to close the servers as usual on Monday morning. However, if things are going perfectly (no unexpected server hiccups, major exploits, or other significant issues that require our complete attention) we might decide to leave the servers running 24/7. Definitely not making any promises — in fact, you should consider the odds very low. But maybe! We’ll let you know on Sunday evening.