Double your pleasure, double your fun

We’ve been feeling like the crafting grind may be too long in this game, and also that there’s not a good enough variety of bounties, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone.  So as of this update, every day of the week has two bounties, effectively doubling the amount of crafting materials you can get (it’s a little bit more than double, because we’re more generous on weekends.)

Right now most of the bounty goals are simple, existing targets that we were able to use easily. Many of these bounty targets will be changed to more unique new content in the future. One other interesting thing to note is that these are all group bounties – they must be completed with at least 2 other players!

The new bounties are:

  • Mon: Kill 20 Slave Driver or Estate Guard (3 players)
  • Tue: Kill 20 Guard Lion or Groundskeeper (3 players)
  • Wed: Kill 20 City Officer or Crowd Control (3 players)
  • Thu: Kill 40 Inquisitor or Assassin (3 players)
  • Fri: Kill 100 enemies in the Estates and Imperial City (3 players)
  • Sat: Kill 20 Marksmen or 10 Duelists (3 players)
  • Sun: Kill 5 Epic Guard Lions (3 players)

Other changes of note:

  • Meowza1 always drops an item now, not just an upgrade. There’s a small chance it’ll just be a T8, a much larger chance than before that it’ll be a T9, and a small (but still slightly higher than before) chance that it’ll be a T10
  • Fixed some issues with autobanning of cheaters. Still more work to be done there, but we’re close.
  • Prevent players from rebinding F1 and Esc since it often causes problems.
  • Automatically hide non-friend usernames during boss fights to help with visibility issues. Relatedly, we now only hide player level and rank by default during boss combat.
  • Unique icons for emotes and trails in the store
  • You can no longer trade just 1 gold in order to avoid trading fees
  • New Rebel City selection menu when you load the game (you won’t actually see this if there’s just one Rebel City currently active, but it will pop up when we have more again.)
  • Client perf improvements that should help issues with The Vaults and likely throughout the game.
  • Fixed issue with Venom Compound conveyor belt where they keep spinning. Now, the failed belts self-destruct more gracefully.

Lastly, while it isn’t publicly available yet, we want to tell you a little bit about the work that we’re doing to add new end game content. Many of you have asked what happens to Meowza when her mech is destroyed. The answer is that she escapes into an inner sanctum, and that’s what we’re developing.

At the entrance to her inner Sanctum, you will be forced to fight upgraded versions of the three brothers (Rei, Kai and Jinn) simultaneously, in a tightly confined space with nowhere to hide. This portion of the encounter is pretty much finished, we’ve already tested it a bunch and died too many times. 😉

For your amusement, this is me,  2 seconds before one of many deaths:

If you survive the three brothers, you’ll go on to fight Meowza once again, but this time she’s wearing a smaller, lighter battle suit and is dramatically more mobile than when in her mech. She’ll use every one of the five elements against you and will flood the battlefield with bullets in a way that makes the mech battle seem peaceful by comparison.

We’re still working on this part, but hope to have it finished soon!