Weapon buffs for everyone

Our spies report that Meowza is bitterly disappointed by the paltry number of birds that her forces have been shooting out of the skies lately. One cat general was made an example of; her feline skull now adorns the entrance to Meowza’s throne room. The rest of the cat military leadership got the message and pulled a few long nights re-outfitting the White Spider, Rei mech, and of course, Meowza’s own mech with piercing bullets. Bird fatalities are conservatively expected to increase by 50% as previously-safe, tight-knit bird flocks are torn to shreds. Should all go well, additional war machines will also be upgraded in the future.

In response to this new threat, the Avian Engineering Corp has upgraded a large number of antiquated weapons in the bird arsenal. The broad smiles on their soot-covered faces this morning should tell you everything you need to know about the success of their efforts:

  • Hydro Blaster, Tesla Blaster & Poseidon – Narrowed shot width
  • Unfriendly Duo – Guns are forward facing
  • Zwei Einhander – Swords are crossed and forward facing
  • Spider Colony – Faster spiders
  • Blade Wing – Wing blades shoot out forward
  • Hydro Shot – Narrowed shot arc, range increased
  • Frost Bite – More normal shotgun pattern
  • Combat Shotgun – Increased DPS
  • Doomsday – Guns are forward facing
  • Fire Wasp, Venomous Wasp and Ice Organ – More normal pattern
  • Aqua Spheres – Bubbles reach further, also pull inward to do point-blank damage like normal wasp
  • Fire Bird – DPS on forward shot is now much higher
  • Zemian Wasp – New pattern, sweet spot is now in front of player

In equally important, if less dramatic news: all known server-side issues causing lag during the Meowza battle have been fixed, as has been one major client-side source! If your internet connection is good and your PC is not decrepit, you should hopefully experience no major issues in this or any other large battle. (Work to improve the experience for weaker PCs remains ongoing.) And on top of all that:

  • Fixed chat filter sometimes filtering innocent words that it shouldn’t have. Please remember to re-enable it if you previously turned it off because of the bugs.
  • Fixed blink vfx showing on enemies being damaged by other players.
  • Only Medic heal burst removes the burning status effect. Paladin heal no longer does. Also, Medic heal also removes slow effect from ice!
  • Health pickups from defeated enemies also remove burning.
  • We now show a notification when you start the game and your account is banned, instead of immediately quitting the game.
  • Improved handling of temporary network issues. This should reduce the ziggagging planes in many cases.
  • Paladin 4B and Arc 1B cooldown: changed from -100% to -95%
  • “Press _ to teleport” text on player icons should be more accurate to whether you’re using keyboard /mouse or a controller
  • Fixed soft-lock that could happen when dying while teleporting
  • Added 10 second delay between killing meowza and when the rebel city portal ship arrives, so there’s nothing in the way of collecting loot.
  • The effectiveness of heal kits buyable in the store have been halved