Heavy Enemies in the City

This week’s patch notes:


  • New heavy enemies in Imperial City: “Moneyed Duelist” and “Highborn Marksman.” Called “heavy” for a reason – they are tougher and deadlier than other minions in the area, so watch out. They have a low chance to drop Steam Turbochargers, a very low chance to drop Self_Repair Juice, and a very low chance to drop an Elder dungeon. (Note: these new units currently have placeholder art; please ignore it! We’ll give them proper art after we’ve had time to live with them a bit.)
  • Meowza: Performance improvements, made visual language of bullets more consistent
  • Engi turret caps now destroy only the last placed turret above the cap
  • Changed Engineer’s maneuver to teleport to turret
  • Proper loading screens


  • Steam cost skill mod bugfix (resolves issue w/ Merlin vortex)
  • Jinn: 2x health on main body
  • Rei: 2x health on main body


  • (Art) New Snake Dungeon palette and conveyors
  • (Art) New emote icons and crafting icons
  • Confirmation screen for the /die command
  • Prevent teleport-to-dead-friend invulnerability exploit
  • Server security improvement
  • Server improvements
  • Lock cursor to screen option has been added to graphics menu
  • Tutorial should no longer be impossible to exit when overworlds rapidly fill up