Waste Upgrades No More

Some of you may have noticed that we updated prod this evening outside our usual update schedule. In case you were wondering what the update contains, it’s actually a pretty big one:

Content/balance changes:

  • Old Faithful: +5% DPS buff
  • Assault: +5% DPS buff
  • Siege Tank: +15% DPS buff; -10% range nerf
  • DaggerKnight: Shieldblast nerfed: 2s at T0 –> 3s at T10; +7% DPS buff
  • Fire Orbs: Fix for performance issues (DPS remains the same, but gun shoots fewer, more damaging, faster bullets)
  • Proper art for Marksman and Duelist

Other changes:

  • Bugfix: health+steam bars disappearing bug
  • Bugfix: you won’t auto-accept random quests while busy with tutorial quests
  • Added post-fight info UI for Meowza
  • Added new dungeon bossfight music!
  • Updated rebel city music track with a longer version
  • Localized friend interaction and report menus
  • You can now report blocked users
  • Certain bad words will now automatically be converted into bird-profanity. Switch to enable/disable this in options.
  • Bugfix: now able to send chat messages containing chars like “<” or “>”
  • UI displays your progress to maxing a stat, when looking at a stat upgrade
  • UI will prevent you from using an upgrade on a maxed stat
  • Certain bosses have a very low chance of dropping unique trail-crafting items
  • Too many players were accidentally cancelling their invulnerability prematurely after teleporting, so we’ve tried an experiment: you can’t shoot, no matter what, for the first 1s after teleporting

We hope you enjoy these changes!