Guild Plans and Engineer Rebalancing

Hi everyone! We’ll (hopefully) be able to start working on guilds soon, and since this is such a major feature, we wanted to give everyone a chance to ask questions about it and give feedback before we start working. So Danc and I wrote this essay. Take a look, let us know what you think on Discord!

This week’s update notes:

Engineer rebalance:
Plane changes:

  • Turrets don’t turn by default, they just fire in the direction you point them.
  • Turret spawn rate is capped:
  • T0-T3: 1
  • T4-T6: 2
  • T7-T9: 3
  • T10: 4
  • [Note: maneuver will be changed too someday, but hasn’t yet.]

Skill changes:

  • Engineer 1A
    Turret Turnrate +54X-90X (aims towards player)
    Steam Cost -10%
  • Engineer 1B
    Turret Damage +15-25%
    Steam Cost +5%
  • Engineer 2A
    Turret Health +100-150%
    Damage Received +10%
  • Engineer 2B
    Turret Damage +15-35%
    Gun Damage -15%
  • Engineer 3A
    Turret Range +42-50%
  • Engineer 3B
    Turret Cooldown -54-70%
  • Engineer 4A
    Steam Cost -11-15%
    Duration 2
    Stacks 3 times
  • Engineer 4B
    Turret Health +50-75%
    Duration 5
    Stacks 2 times

Venom Compound:

  • New art for the recently added conveyor belts!
  • Fixed many small issues with belts.
  • Fixed issues with doorways not connecting properly.

The Dig:

  • No longer need to drag heal drones; just touch them to activate
  • Potential fix for drill wandering away at the end
  • Reverted snake-y road to have no destructible walls
  • Fixed exploit where you could get to the end without drill.

Other content

  • Ra Generator arena is larger


  • Closed trading loophole which was unintentionally encouraging people to execute unsafe trades by gifting gold and then expecting items back (as a separate trade) to avoid the trade tax.
  • Reduced the gold trading fee by 20% to soften the impact of the above.

Server stuff

  • Enforce chat rate limits on server side
  • Yet more anti-hacking and server stability work. Players who get caught cheating will now be auto-banned after a variable amount of time depending on the severity of the crime and random chance.


  • It is now possible to report cheaters and/or toxic behavior via the friends list. Click on any player to find and use the report options. Please do not report players simply because they used a swear word, but if they use slurs or hate speech or are seriously harassing you in any way, that is a fine reason to report them. Remember to be kind to each other. We’re all on the same team here.