An Important Message About Hacking/Cheating

We are going to have very low tolerance for hackers/cheaters going forward. If you cheat in a way that harms other players, you are going to get perma-banned. No appeals, no second chances. You’re just gone forever.

If you cheat in a way that doesn’t harm others, but is still clearly cheating, you might get lucky and get away with a 24 hour ban, depending on the repercussions of your actions. That’s the best case. Or you might get perma-banned immediately. It’ll most likely be a perma-ban if it involved hacking the client or server in any way whatsoever.

If that makes you nervous or feels unfair, I have a very simple answer for you: don’t hack the game’s client or servers, for any reason. Just don’t do it. And to be clear, if you do get lucky and just get a 24 hour ban, you will definitely NOT get a third chance.