Sweeping Rebel City’s Trash

Changelog for this Friday’s playtest:

Content and Balance:

  • XP/quest reward radius increased for SN-Z
  • (Art) added new heat vents to the Fire Dungeon
  • Low-level setpiece bosses no longer trigger event bosses
  • Increased chance of triggering an event boss when you kill high-level setpiece bosses
  • Laser Playground has new rooms with bullet maze traps
  • Venom Compound has new rooms with conveyor belts traps
  • Elder Arena is no longer elemental, but still gives the same rewards
  • Siege Tank enters and exits siege mode a bit faster
  • Ra Generator: Reduced shielding, more health
  • Added signposts at the entrances to elemental dungeons to educate new players
  • Fixed Mini Tower of Ra quest issue that was causing performance problems
  • Nerfed tutorial boss so it can’t kill you even if you barely move
  • Fixed wandering Flame Thrower
  • Fixed wandering Chariot Judge minions


  • T0 and T1 equipment are soulbound, but also trashable.
  • Soulbound items do not drift away when you drop them.
  • Better portaling: immediately enter portal, hide player plane, and better handling of errors


  • Lots and lots of server optimization and anti-hacking work
  • 79 new world names to lower chance of duplicates