Goslings Gravely Growing Guileful

Originally Published  Nov 28th, 2018.


This week’s update brings more big changes! From an update to our input system, to the oft-requested ability to apply variant skins to existing planes, we have a lot to share. Let’s get to it!



We’ve done a refactoring of our input system! What does that mean? We’ve restructured how the UI works we’ve improved our mouse support, most notably you can now drag-n-drop in the menus to move items around! This includes the ability to drag and item from your inventory to the world to drop it, you can also right-click an item to drop it. When you’re not using the mouse the cursor will no longer affect your selection as you move through the inventory with the keyboard or controller. These changes should make it easier to switch between controller, mouse, and keyboard, and they should also increase the individual functionality of each of those accessories!
With every big change like this there is a risk of bugs! If you’re an alpha player let us know about any weirdness with the in-game bug reporter (ctrl+r), or in our discord!




  • Added a transition effect for when you teleport
  • Icons for ranks improved



  • Increased spawn density in the overworld; there are more enemies to fight!
  • Added a system that migrates obsolete and legacy items to current versions. For example, outdated non-upgradeable ultra-rares will become the maxed out version of the current upgradeable items
  • Updated Meowza Dungeon entrance. It now includes a nexus carrier, and added an enemy that attacks after 60 seconds so you can’t camp the entrance
  • Refined Mecha-Deer Behavior, now they run away while shooting, and increased their loot/xp
  • Added variants of Chuck in bomb dungeon that gives increased XP
  • Increased damage on Laser Gates in the Dig



  • Volume adjustments for better overall balancing
  • New sounds added
  • Updates to minion sound effects
  • Fixed an audio looping bug, can now have multiple audio loops playing simultaneously


Polish and Bugfixes

  • Increased default radius in which a quest encounter will be triggered, and added functionality for unit-specific changes
  • Increased experience reward radius when you defeat an enemy
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t superspeed with 0 energy
  • Removed XP limiter for level 20 planes
  • Players now must have reached level 20 before entering the crafting workshop
  • Tutorial quests only begin when the first tutorial dungeon has been complete
  • Dropped loot now slows down more over time so it doesn’t drift as far and get lost
  • Added functionality to improve name display on units; we can now independently toggle the visibility of health bars and unit names . For example, destructible walls should no longer show names.
  • Fixed bug where bullets were queued twice
  • Fixed item-switching exploits, prevented similar exploits in the future with item cooldowns
    • If your previous weapon was in the middle of a cooldown and you switch to a new weapon, the cooldown of the old weapon will remain in effect.
    • Fixed exploit where Paladins could stack auras via item switching as well as similar item-switching exploits; added functionality to prevent similar exploits in the future.
  • Fixed random smoke particles appearing in Rebel City
  • Added modifier to dynamic difficulty for low player counts; boosts damage to bosses
  • Dynamic difficulty added to some minion bosses
  • Skills bug fixes: XP modifiers fixed, maintaining health/steam on changes fixed
  • Skills with stacking effects are now capped at 3 stacks
  • Hotfix: Fixed missing carrier in first tutorial dungeon
  • Disallowed symbols and numbers in player name registration
  • Unlocking variants gives you the option to automatically apply the variant to your plane.