Fledgling Flaming Foveae

Originally Published  Nov 14th, 2018.

Last week was a huge update where we rolled out the new skill and trade systems. These big new features also came with a healthy dose of bugs and issues, so we’re moving up the next update to this week to deal with some of that.


  • Hotfixed an issue where the wrong level number was used for skills
  • Improved the interface for multiple skill loadouts
  • Some minor skill balancing/tweaks
  • Fixed issue where some stat mods (like max steam) could affect others (like xp)
  • Fixed some other “minor” skill-related bugs, like lasers not working with reduced range, or skills not doing what they say they do


  • Improvements to text, layout, notifications and navigation
  • Knob icon on the fee toggle buttons to show they can be adjusted
  • Add trade related labels to the item info popup

Dynamic Difficulty

We’re also rolling out a more general-purpose dynamic difficulty scaling system. As with the previous system, the new system adjusts the effective health of enemies to compensate for more players. The adjustment is fairly gentle, so it’ll still always be better to have more players, but you (hopefully) won’t just be able to steamroll the bosses with a very large group. The old system was an experiment, limited to just bosses, whereas the new system rolls this out to all enemies (with different parameters, depending on the enemy). Over the coming weeks we’ll be tweaking these parameters, adjusting them to be a better experience all round. Let us know if you notice any enemies that seem unpleasantly or drastically stronger or weaker after the update.

Storage Warehouse

  • Fixed an issue with equipped from storage
  • Fixed issue with storage filtering/sorting
  • Fixed issue when double clicking on the grid
  • Fixed toggle buttons losing clicks on toggle area



  • Elemental weapon balancing:
    • Buffed: Life Ender I / II / III
  • Nerfed: Wattson’s Fury I / II / III
    • Buffed: Poison Pulser I / II / III
  • Nerfed: Lightning Laser I / II / III
    • Buffed: Railgun I / II / III
  • Nerfed: Ice Spear I / II / III
    • Buffed: Sprinkler I / II / III
  • Nerfed: Lightning Bug I / II / III
  • Basic wasps T1-10 rebalanced so strength increase is more linear

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Store: Variants, paints and trails now have an additional layer of options after purchasing to instantly equip or put into storage.
  • Optimized an issue that was causing significant server lag and lots of memory allocation (up to 1GB!) when some players with very large inventories joined the server.
  • Fixed “objective complete” sound playing every second for item quests
  • Remove a debug dialogue bark from Meowza
  • Reduce damage threshold to qualify for loot, so it’s easier to get loot when you’re not able to do as much damage.
  • Fixed some more smaller errors and exceptions