Hardy Heron Halluxes

Originally Published  Dec 12th, 2018.

As the end of the year fast approaches, many of the team members are taking some vacation to spend time with family and friends, so this will be the last big update of the year!

As Steambirds Alliance gets closer to being ready for a more public release, we’ve decided to take down the servers again for a couple months. This will help us focus on making the game as awesome as possible for when everyone returns (and also enable us to take some much needed break time during the holidays without having to worry about maintaining the beta). So from 21 Dec onwards, the servers will be in maintenance mode and the game will not be playable. This next week is your chance to get in as much play time as you can… good luck!

We’ve tried to pack this update full of improvements to cap off 2018 nicely! And when you return to the game sometime in Q1 of 2019, SBA will hopefully be even more stable and beautiful, and should (at minimum) have several brand new classes for you to explore and enjoy. Plus some other nice new features and polish that you’ll simply have to wonder about for now. 😉


  • Iterated and tuned the teleport visual effect a bit
  • Bunch of new skins, trails, decals, etc. – check the store for these!
  • New premium versions of the secondary attacks for most classes (excluding the Engineer, Merlin, Raptor, Bandit)



  • Paladin skill balancing
  • Fixes on Meowza dungeon
  • Booby prizes for DPS treasure boxes
  • Nerfed the “Undertaker”: reduced the aux gun mount’s dmg by 50%


Polish and Bugfixes

  • Fixed issue where skills were spamming the chat log (already rolled out)
  • Fixed an issue where the consumable health boost item was broken
  • Fixed a timing issue where sometimes players might not be able to join a dungeon within the last ~10s of the portal
  • When your connection drops, it will try reconnect to the same server again a few times. Sometimes it will also be able to reconnect to a dungeon.
  • Mouse works with the radar now (hover to select, click to teleport)
  • Drag n drop items in storage
  • Fixed: drag n drop items to world
  • Fixed: cannot select buttons in some error popups with a controller
  • Fixed issues where escape would not work or break some UI
  • Return key works as generic accept/click/confirm
  • Fixed: UI bug reporter popup position broken in some resolutions
  • Add bug reporter to bottom of options menu
  • Fixed: UI input text issues in login process
  • Fixed: WASD and DPAD did not work in menus
  • Mouse hover is not delayed anymore
  • Fixed: purchase popup menu highlights were broken sometimes
  • Fixed: chat from options menu did not work
  • Clicking somewhere in the world closes the chat
  • Fixed: broken try-on feature in store
  • Fixed: storage does not show the item info panel
  • Navigation in the generic menus on the left now wraps from top to bottom
  • Fixed: quest popup was not working correctly
  • Clicking on an item in the inventory while the context menu is open, opens the next context menu
  • Clicking on the small inventory on the left opens the full inventory. Clicking in the world closes it.
  • Gun switch cooldown no longer affects all plane slots
  • Hide radar when the UI is faded to black, like when going to the tutorial
  • Filter out /die from chat history to prevent accidental use
  • Fixed: skill requirements might have been slightly out of date on death
  • Fixed issue where the pub was empty after completing the tutorial quests
  • Regularly pulse mission radar indicator a bit
  • Fixed: some times we didn’t clear the quest guidance target correctly
  • Storage: current sort can be applied to re-order entire storage (with confirmation)