Curious Curassow Cere

A notable change this update: we’ve added an alternative weapon slot to every plane! If you have a favourite secondary weapon for a plane, you can now equip it in this slot and quickly switch to it by pressing Q (rebindable). This slot is attached to your plane, not a part of your shared cargo.

But that’s certainly not the only change in this update…


Progress on the trailer continues, and is just waiting for some features we’re working on to get in so we can show them off too. The big update in art this week is that many of the bosses now have custom portraits! Now you can put a face to the pilots of those boss planes that haunt your nightmares; the brothers Rei, Jinn, and Kai, Doctor Notra, High Priestess Tiffany, the enigmatic Meowza, and more will be staring you down in game whenever they have something to say!


  • Updated boss and group leader item drop rates for low to mid-tier areas: Bosses are now guaranteed to drop next tier items, while enemy group leaders no longer drop next tier items.
  • Increased rewards on the Vault/Dig quests (since they take longer to complete):
    • 2 additional boss UR gun drops – “God Beam” and “The Spitting Cat”
    • Higher chance of getting T9 items
    • Better overall rewards
  • Updated White Spider’s fire patterns
  • Chariot Judge: Added new attack phase for final racer, cleaned up some movement issues, lots of minor tweaks to make it more interesting
  • Improvements to mission start and complete conditions for The Vaults
  • Fixed broken Riot Ender hitbox

Storage Improvements

  • Side-by-side view for storage menu, with your cargo and storage in one view.
  • Robust position persistence through special case item swaps.
  • Buy more storage button re-added with side-by-side view.
  • Basic item move functionality.
  • Prevented item info popup conflicting with context menu – context menu no longer strangely positioned off to the right.
  • Other fixes:
    • Item info not showing
    • Removed discard option
    • Backend communication errors
    • Menu stack bugs
    • Issue with plane inputs being captured after menu is closed via mouse

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Added pilot rank to chat and a few other places. Now you can proudly display your rank to others
  • Additional key binding slots for emotes – you can bind more emotes to keys! Remember to select the emote you want from the emotes menu and change the relevant key binding to suit your setup.
  • Chat input improved, and added more useful help commands ‘/help` and `/help_all`
  • Small improvements to currency buying menu
  • Fixed mouse wheel behaviour in a lot of the UI


  • Audio/VFX pass: Kai, Jinn, Rei, White Spider, Chariot Judge, Doomsday
  • The Arena and The Elder Arena now have horns signalling waves and crowds cheering
  • Music now plays in the Overworld and dungeons! (Boss music also coming soon!)


  • Removed extra old news
  • Improvements to our build server to better support our 2nd-tier beta servers (coming soon)
  • Pilot skills are still in development, but progress is coming along and it’ll be in an update before you realise it…