Dandy Duck Down

This week’s update delivers on the usual swathe of big and small improvements, including many tweaks and changes to bosses and some music to listen to while you’re fighting them! We’re also introducing a very bubbly new alpha trail, as with the other alpha trails it will be dropping for a limited time only!

Unfortunately we won’t have a livestream this week, but not to fret: we’ll be back to our regular schedule next week.


  • Polish on the lowlands environments
  • Some new portraits for the Pharaoh, treasure, and radar
  • Fixed bug where blue paint had the wrong icon


  • Lots of boss changes:
    • High Priestess Tiffany: Added new final phase move where Tiffany will inhale nearby mice, added some smoky swarmer enemies as general harassers and counter-attack.
    • Doomsday: Added angry airhorn animation during nuke attack and death for dramatic effect!
    • Dr Geckelston: Added final phase where he charges at you and sends clones of himself.
    • Phoenix: Lots of edits to fire patterns to make more interesting, removed an awkward shield state, made the forward guns less useless, added “fire beak”
    • Notra: Added counter-attack that is triggered by shield phases, changes to bullet patterns and signalling
    • Ambassador: Made weakness-period evasions take up a larger space
    • Noble Politician: Made Bribe minions more aggressive
    • Pharaoh: Made laser pyramid look cooler
    • Ra Mechanism: Big changes to movement patterns. New large planet that shoots shock waves
    • Poison God: Made body longer on phase 1 and 2.
    • Frozen Horror: Minor fire pattern changes, improved visuals.
  • Fixed broken Vault quest objective
  • Fixed Cyclopus sniping exploit

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Improved events and news list by only showing recent news and adjusting the ordering
  • Change bandit maneuver to teleport forward instead of into aim direction.
  • Fixed a bug with rank badges/stars, where the wrong star might sometimes be shown
  • Added missing outline to tutorial instructor
  • Fixed storage keyboard issues and input capture bugs
  • Made storage mouseovers behave more like players expected.
  • Added item swap functionality to storage


  • Boss music!
  • Audio pass on bosses: Ambassador, Poison God, The Frozen Horror, High Priestess Tiffany, Cyclopus, Lobbyist, Lazer the Host, Dr Geckelston, Phoenix, Noble Politician, Doomsday


  • More improvements to the build server and processes
  • Improved monitoring of some weird/anomalous situations
  • Work continues on the skill system, and if everything goes according to plan you might see some exciting news next update.