Battle Budgie Broods

We’re back this update with a bumper number of content tweaks and changes. You’ll have to dig into the list below, but hopefully there’s something for everyone! Behind the scenes, work on the new skills system is still underway. We’ll have more info on that coming up soon, but right now you can come hang out on the weekly stream and hear more about skill and what we’re working on next.

Another exciting thing we’ve been working on is a new 3rd tier of servers. Once this is completed, we’ll have the “production” set of servers that normally everyone plays on; a set of “test” servers, only accessible to devs, where we test new features in secrecy (can’t have the cats seeing what we’re up to!); and a new “staging” or “beta” set of servers. This last set of servers is where we’ll start testing new updates before we roll them out to production. We can’t guarantee it’ll be stable, and it will almost certainly break in some interesting ways, but this will be the way to get access to the bleeding edge of Steambirds Alliance dev. More details on this coming soon!


  • More exclusive limited-time trails. Get them now, before they disappear forever!
  • Added Saturday “Special Missions” for Dark Steel
  • Added new dungeon quests for the Vaults and the Dig
  • Slightly increased drop rates for some dungeons and bosses
  • Added DPS treasure boxes to lower tier dungeons. These drop better loot based on DPS output in a time period, so you’ll need to be stronger than the baseline to qualify for the special loot.
  • Added dynamic difficulty to the Dig
  • Improved XP rewards for lower level dungeons
  • Fixed daily events so there’s no missing days in 5-week months
  • Added a spawn room to the Iron Lair
  • Added poison resist to the White Spider
  • Removed attack from White Spider that could force players out of loot range
  • Fixed Thief Idol direction
  • Fixed bug where beach text was blank
  • Fixed Undertaker I icon
  • Removed level 1 drops from the Dig
  • Fixed Life Ender and Frost Dagger fire patterns
  • Fixed Damage On Tracer Bubbles III
  • Fixed Elemental Sword Rarity Display

Polish/Bug Fixes

  • Polish: storage menu is now grid-based! We’re still working on some more improvements to this interface, but it’s already a whole lot better than before. At a glance you can see a lot more items in storage and there’s a nifty filtering menu so you can really narrow down to just the items you need.
  • Dungeon starting should be improved a lot now, so hopefully no more issues there! But if there are some weird issues, then you’ll get a “refund” once-off dungeon key you can try use again later.
  • A variety of server performance improvements


  • Made it easier for admins to fix things for players if something goes wrong
  • Bomb dungeon audio pass