Alternative Altricial Aviary

This update we’re releasing some exclusive new content for players in: September’s Alpha Treasure Hunt. We’re planning on making this a habit – having some special content that is only available for a very limited time, and then never again. If you want it, you’ll have to come play and get it! This month we’re dropping a fun new trail, the elusive “Alpha Ion Trail”. Fortunately, most bosses and strong enemies will drop it, so you just need to play the game normally to get it, but it is quite rare. The item is tradeable, but it won’t ever be dropped again after this event, so don’t miss out!

We’re also moving the regular stream time to Wednesdays at 3pm PST, starting with this week. Same thing, just different time. Come join us and hear about what we’re working on and coming soon.

Still can’t get enough of us? Wanna hear our birdy tweets? Well, we have a nice surprise for you! We’ve made a new twitter account, exclusively for Steambirds awesomeness! Come follow us and join in the fun here


Lots of polish happening in the land of art! In icons, the variant icons have been updated, and the weapon icons have been iterated with new bases, numbers, and rarity colors! There’s been some various VFX updates, including one to indicate damage on Meowza’s drills, an update to the raptor mine explosion, new trails, smokes trails in the rescue dungeon and tutorial dungeon, and emote updates! New emotes have been added, Greet and Rally, and the existing ones have been updated to match the art style. Lastly, on enemies, the sweeper quest has new art, and the war horse event enemy now sits upon it’s trail of bullets, instead of in them!

Outside the game, art we’ve been working on a trailer that is nearly complete! We’re excited to show it to you, so keep an eye out for that!


  • We’ve rolled out the difficulty scaling we discussed last update to more content. All the dungeon bosses will now also scale up slightly, like Meowza, when you have more players fighting it.
  • Low level items are available in the store to purchase with scrap. This is intended to give new players who have invested time (and gotten scrap) a way of recovering from their deaths a little faster. We are not selling items for gold.
  • Updates controller configs for assault, medic, hog, and raptor so they work better with absolute controls.
  • DPS locked treasures added to T2-T5 dungeons. Get better rewards by bringing more firepower!
  • Phoenix hp buff: 2nd and 3rd phases have more health
  • Elemental armor improvements: Armor values match basic armor, fusion improves elem protect from 15% => 20%
  • Lowered overall item fusion costs for most items at Crafter building
  • Raised usable chance on T2-T7 enemies
  • Fixed: Daily event’s now give proper increases to item drops
  • Fixed: Bandit EMP cooldown syncs properly
  • Tesla UR damage nerfed by 55%.
  • Added rocket pod spawning in The Arena
  • Reduced occurrence of Duster item drops for non-Duster classes

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Fixed health/steam exploit when quickly equipping different items
  • Fixed bug with more than 255 cargo slots (for, ahem, a lot of storage)
  • Fixed bug where rarely players incorrectly appear as others and lose all items
  • Fixed some situations where the game uploaded extra data and caused lag for all those without the beefiest of upload speeds. Less beefy internet required now.
  • Fixed a number of server stability related issues
  • Polish: damage bars on/off option in interface menu.
  • More logging to help catch some bullet bugs (hopefully!)
  • Fixed some issues with dungeons starting.
  • Polish: if it fails to spawn a dungeon from a key, it should now drop a replacement key.
  • Polish: added target enemy level to territory labels


  • Hidden unsupported hotkey: Shift+F10 to hide all UI for trailer and screenshots.
  • Lots of new music: dungeons, crafting workshop, and loading screen.
  • Some new explosion sound effects.