Xenial X-ray Xenops

The big visible change this week is the new Rebel City. Unfortunately the cat radars were getting more advanced and regularly able to track us down, but fortunately we found a lovely new home that’s much better hidden. It may be disguised as a mountain. Shhh! Don’t tell the cats about it!

The other noticeable piece of news is that we’re moving to a 2-week update schedule. We hope this will reduce the overheads of updating the game every week, but still keep it regular enough so you get nice meaty changes on a regular interval. Don’t fret, we’ll still keep streaming every week, so you can tune in on Wednesdays to hear more details about what’s in store.

We’ve just recently sent out a newsletter with details on how to get a Steam key. So for all of those eager to get a key and join the game now: check those inboxes! We should be sending out codes very soon.


In addition to the shiny new Rebel City, there’s been iteration on the trails to make it so that they don’t overwhelm us when there’s a bunch on screen. We’ve also shined up the emotes; the wings and the epic fireworks are looking extra cool now. The trails and the emotes should make their way into the shop in the next couple weeks!

Feathered and furred alike are getting new portraits with 3 more player portraits in, each with 3 color variations, in addition to 5 enemy boss portraits finishing up and more getting concepted. Your enemies will have a face soon! Here’s a sneak peak of the egyptian boss:

The thunderboss Rei, is now modelled, rigged, animated, and has some preliminary special effects for his lightning in the game, and a few quest enemies around the world have been getting unique models.


  • Rei is now live and is spawning on the island as an event boss

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Fixed an exploit where you could potentially equip an item of the wrong class
  • Fix class unlock blueprints – you should once again see a nice blueprint and notification when you unlock a new class.
  • Crafting improvements:
    • Couple small tweaks and improvements so crafting recipes look slightly less like quests and more like a crafting system
    • 2-color progress bars (handed in and what you can hand in now)
    • Auto-accept a crafting quest and show UI as if you can immediately hand in items. There’s now less difference between the two states for crafting recipes
    • Sort “acquired” to top (incl those w/ items you can hand in to start now)
  • Some backend bugfixes, to help keep the servers running smoothly
  • Finish up “Try On” button in store and make public in this build – try on those paints!
    • Add “Previewing” text and list of paints currently being tried on/previewed to the store popup


  • Analytics finished. But who will track the trackers?