Whiffling Woodpecker Wings

The servers are still open for the private beta, and it’s been lovely seeing all you fine feathered friends online. We will be sending out an email to all newsletter subscribers with a way to get a way to get a key, so if you still want a key, be sure to sign up there ASAP! We look forward to welcoming more of you very soon.


There’s a lot of thinking and planning happening with the art team right now! We’re living in a conceptual wonderland; a rough concept version of the upcoming Rebel City rebuild has been implemented, it will inform the design of the final city we see in the future! In addition, the enemy portraits are getting sketched out with concepts popping up for your favorite bosses. You’ll have faces to associate with their taunting dialogue before too long.


  • T9 and T10 items will drop more rarely, but can be created via crafting
  • Untiered guns can now be upgraded into better guns using crafting/fusion! By gathering resources from the different daily events, you can craft weapons or upgrade special guns to make them stronger.
  • Added 130 gun crafting fusion recipes
  • Merlin buff: Increase in gun damage
  • Arc weapons have slightly less cool down
  • Bandit buff: Increase in damage, more damage on stunner bullet

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Add new “Try On” button in Paint Store
    • players can now try on multiple paints without buying them
    • tried on paints have no effect on player’s actual plane, leaving the Store resets it
  • Lots of testing and many tiny bug fixes for and during the start of private beta
  • New /give command, for admins to give players (including themselves) items, instead of dropping on the ground.
  • Bugfix for being stuck in the Hangar. This should finally be resolved, please report a bug if you see this happening again!
  • Performance work continues. This week we’ve fixed a few memory leaks and related slowdowns, and a number of other smaller optimizations.
  • Fixed bug where bullets that were already invisible weren’t being removed correctly
  • Discovered/fixed bug with viewpoint cleanup.
  • Moved chat to its own canvas to avoid entire UI re-layouts.
  • Improved decoration and enemy unit efficiency


  • Auditing work continues. 2 fast 2 auditing.