Vivid Vulture Vaxillum

Depending on when you receive this transmission, the servers might already be open to everyone with a Steam key. From 10am PST on 18 July 2018, the Steambirds Alliance servers are going live for the private beta. This momentous event coincides with the weekly stream, and is a milestone the team has been working hard towards. The day has finally arrived! There is nothing between the empire, and you and your adventurous friends. The alliance has been waning without your contributions to the cause, but no longer! Jump in and help! We look forward to seeing you in the thick of it…


So what new art might you see in the game with your key? We’re starting to implement our new portraits, so the birds you see will be looking a little different; more in tune with our art style… and with more flavor, hopefully you’ll find a bird that speaks to you!

Also, a celebratory cheer might show you something new as we have more fireworks in the game! Additionally there’s the lightning boss Rei flying around with his minions, he’s got a new look and is no longer copying his brother, Jinn. Some dungeons, like the temple dungeon and the ice dungeon, have acquired a foreboding haze as the minions inside them have set their coal engines properly ablaze, leaving smoke trails behind as they fly toward you with fervor.

In the works, we have new designs for the Rebel City as those bird folk have been productive and it’s time to take those repetitive buildings and make them into a full-fledged refuge so feathered friends can frolic when they’re not on the front-lines.


  • Added 10 new crafted UT weapons, each with T8/T9 variants
  • Added 5 crafting materials (Red/Blue/Yellow/Purple/White Steel)
  • Added 10 daily events for alternating weeks
  • Added 10 bounty quests that reward crafting materials
  • Added 10 crafting recipes and 20 fusion recipes for crafted UT weapons I-III

Polish and Bugfixes

  • Bugfix: No dropping or consuming items when in the throes of death
  • Bugfix: Can’t use actions like a healing cloud when you’re dying
  • Polish: Add hide label to expanded inventory
  • Bugfix: Motion blur setting fixed.
  • Polish: Faster shadows
  • Polish: New ultra-low gfx setting.
  • Polish: New setting to limit FPS to 30 (default is 60).
  • Bugfix: normal players got disconnected from dungeons
  • Polish: Paint Previews displayed for all paints, accessed through either the plane inventory or Storage UI
  • Bugfix: Storage UI’s “equip” button had some issues


  • Maintenance mode added. This is ahead of the 24/7 private beta, so we have more manual control over the access to the servers for longer periods of time. If you see a new error message about maintenance, you have been “maintained!” (please come back again and check Discord for updates)
  • Auditing and related work continues.
  • Popup setpieces tweaks for content creation