Yonder Youthful Yellowhammers

It’s been an exciting 2 weeks. We’ve had a significant influx of new players (and some returning old faces). Welcome everyone, we hope you enjoy this world we’ve been making! With all the new players joining at almost the same time, we had a few rough patches at the start (sorry about those!), but we think we’ve ironed out most of the big issues now (crossing talons!)

If you missed the opportunity to get a key this round, the weekly stream is the best way to get a chance at one. Come join us and answer an easy question to get your shot!


More polish shines across the game; bosses are getting upgraded including the escort boss and the berserker boss being animated and four new boss environments added and existing ones being polished. Some more props have been added to the Rebel City and you should keep an eye out for the helicopter using that landing pad! In addition to this icons are being polished in the background and new emotes have been added; “Charge,” “Disco,” and, “Warning.”


  • Added elemental properties to Ancient Arena
  • Added tiers and upgrades to elemental armor. They now drop at T8 and are upgraded via fusion to T10
  • T10s no longer drop from Dungeon entrance set pieces and minions in The Dig.
  • Added Copper, a material used to craft basic T8. Copper is rewarded for T8+ daily quests.
  • Added crafting recipes that allow players to craft basic T8 weapons, engines, and armor using Copper.
  • 2 new Sunday bounties (“Meowza” and “SN-Z”). Rewards Dark Steel, which can be used to upgrade Boss Untiereds

Zoom Changes

We’ve selectively zoomed out a bit during regular overworld interactions and a bit more during boss fights. You should now be able to see more around you than before. This is something that we’ve wanted to do for a while, but we were held back by performance concerns. But with all the recent performance optimization work that we did, it was now feasible to attempt it, so attempt it we have. We’d love to hear feedback on the change!

Polish and Bugfixes

  • A bowl of nice piping hot bug fixes to keep the servers up for all the new players
  • Plane inventory context menu
    • Equip, drop and move are now actions in a submenu in the inventory
    • You can re-order the items in your inventory to make better use of hotkeys
    • Hopefully fewer mistake drops of items!
  • Show item panel for quest (or crafting) reward if it’s just one item
  • Fixed bounty quest scheduling, so bounties should now be up for a full 24 hours, as per the writing on the packet. Good luck with your bountifying
  • Automatic performance adjustment. If you’re getting a low framerate, this will try lower your graphics settings and hopefully make things more playable. Can be disabled from options.
  • Bugfix: prevented unused bullet pools having thousands of idle objects
  • Improvements and polish to the store previews and paints. Try on all the colors at the same time!
  • Slightly more verbose LNCxx error messages, so you have a better idea of why a problem might be happening
  • Polish: show nexus in background during “events and news” on login
  • Polish: add more reminders to use the ‘drop trash’ key
  • New “What’s Early Access?” popup on login (can be disabled in options), to remind players that changes are still coming in fast and hot.
  • Fixed an issue where broken game servers could “pile up” and clog the system
  • Polish: trails in the store now have a proper preview
  • Added defensive approach to dealing with bullets having extra particle emitters – hopefully these should be resolved now.


  • Some simple monitoring to try detect server outages
  • Bug reports include a mini GIF (to help debugging) – this was improved a bit.
  • More logging for dungeon key uses, so we can hopefully better diagnose any issues
  • Moved a bunch of config text to localizable files, for the future