Listen in, pilots.

As many of you know, we’re soon to pull out of this theatre. Make sure you all get some R and R, because when we re-deploy we will be hitting the felines harder and faster than ever before.

We’ve still got time before then to give them something to remember us by, and skunkworks has come good again with a new plane, The Merlin (Falco Columbarius).

It has a dangerous new Arc weapon that needs a strong target lock, but can then deal damage very quickly from any angle. To aid getting that lock, its engines have been turbocharged but this comes at the cost of maneuverability and armor. If you find yourself in a tough spot, trigger the Clear device and the bullets in your vicinity will be removed:

(I have been assured the bullets are blinked to an unimportant dimension)

The new airframe requires many rare materials, so we can only provide it to the pilots who can scavenge enough of the right parts from the battlefield. Your HUD will know them when it sees them, but you should seek out unusual targets. That’s all the intel I have for you on this.

In other news, we’ve erected the temporary hangar structures promised in the last briefing; you should find the extra space when you log in next.

There’s still a few days before the migration, so get out there and give them something to remember us by.

As always, I wish you Good Skies.


– New Merlin class
– Shieldmaiden art fixed in nexus; trails added which means smoke and fire as well.
– Fix Rapier not being slowed while firing.
– Item pickup panel is better at showing information about a gun
– Bug guns don’t shoot at empty space
– Get rid of mysterious explosions in Super Secret Base
– Zombie bullets finally fixed! Probably. It’s content-based so there might be an enemy plane or two that triggers it when onscreen. Let us know if you see them again!
– Item art for gnat guns! Iconographic!
– Damage resist shielded effect shows up for other players. Note that it is expected to see some discrepancy for other players on your screen
– Hog’s shield is more useful
– Acid clouds (the ones that last a long time) and blasts have been rebalanced. The former was super overpowered and the latter was super underpowered.
– Acid clouds and blasts are now also affected by the plane’s damage stat, so leveling up and equipping engines should increase their damage output.
– Acid clouds and blasts do physical damage now instead of poison elemental damage. Just makes things clearer!
– Fix potential case where Avatar would spawn a huge number of minions
– Cyclopus is shielded until aggro’d to fix sniping exploit
– Increased number of units that drop Vaults
– A new, rare dungeon with a new boss
– The game is more sensible about what actions cancel a post-teleport shield and what don’t
– Equipment slots now have cooldown bars
– Fix some guns dropping bullets when a plane was backed against a wall
– Four hangar slots for everyone! You get a hangar slot! You get a hangar slot! You get a hangar slot!
– More upgrades dropped at once, and increased upgrade cap again
– Fix Race Leader not showing up as a mission, and not being quick-chattable
– Upgrade items all have vaguely amusing names