Closing House, Oct 4

Thank you again for being a part of our world and giving us invaluable feedback during this closed Alpha. We’ve gotta break some things, so while we do that we’ll shut off the servers, on Tuesday October 4th. Like turning off the lights so you can surprise your friend with a birthday party. The lights will be out for a few months while we prepare the cake, and… is this taking the metaphor too far? We’ll have better metaphors when we bring back the game!

What are we planning on building? Improving dungeon generation, making a basic tutorial, optimizing more, starting cheat prevention, starting to make social systems, upgrading software, and increasing the variety of enemy units! And maybe adding some secrets. Maybe not though, that’s how we’ll keep you guessing. We’ll probably be wiping inventory and planes before we open up the servers again; please take screenshots to remember the wonderful achievements you’ve made. As promised, we’ll preserve the permanent upgrades of hangar slot and golden assault, and, if possible, the classes that you’ve unlocked.

Here’s how we’d like this next week to go. We’re working on two new classes, the Merlin and the Barnes Mk 3. We’ll put the Merlin out on Friday before our stream. The Barnes Mk 3 will come a bit later. We’ll blog with more details, as usual, as we get closer to those.

In order to make sure that folks can check out these classes while also maybe getting a chance to try out the Duster and Shieldmaiden, we’ll be giving everybody two temporary extra hangar slots for the remainder of Alpha. Fewer reasons to not check out the new stuff, that’s what we’re all about.

We can’t emphasize enough how great this alpha has been, and how lovely you players have been. It’s a privilege serving with you. Looking forward to many more!