“Short Seaford” Update

Our new class for this week is the Shieldmaiden. It’s a support class which provides damage resistance to its peers while also having a bunch of features that make it good at dodging. First off, it has seeking weapons so you don’t have to aim quite as much! Don’t call it missiles, it’s more of a beegun. Which miiight be OP. Maybe. You do still have to aim it because it will only select targets in front of it. Secondly, it gets the 33% damage resistance from its own aura. Thirdly, it has a slowdown maneuver to give more options for bullet dodging. The Shieldmaiden is super experimental! It’s a strong concept, but we’re not really sure whether the implementation achieves its goal, or if we’ve just unleashed a complete monster. Could go either way, really. We would very much appreciate feedback on it!

The protruding keel that you can almost see in the gif is where they stick the resistance aura generator.

We spent a fair bit of time trying to make the resistance aura clearly demarcated without making things super noisy. When anyone’s plane is within the aura, they get resistance. If they leave it, they lose the resistance. Multiple auras don’t stack. You’ll want to huddle around the shieldmaidens in a hot situation!

Upgrades now have a total cap. Once you hit the total cap, upgrades will stop equipping. It’s 400 for now, so hitting it’ll take a while. But it means that it’s quicker to max out a plane, and that you’ll have to make choices along the way about what to focus on. We know that in the short term that this is likely to contribute to inventory bloat. Just hang on! We’ll get to that, too.

“Short Seaford” Changelog

  • New Shieldmaiden class, unlocked when you reach level 20 on a Duster
    • Its main gun is a seeking bee-gun.
    • Its secondary is a damage resistance aura. When it’s active, it provides 33% damage reduction to nearby players.
    • Its maneuver is a slowdown. IT doesn’t consume steam.
  • Item popup panel will slide up if too tall for the screen
  • Fix wrong icon on lightning attack upgrade. “god bless bug reports”
  • Fix exploit to gain free spinattack shotgun shots.
  • Improve death sequence of units; this should make them die more promptly, but it might cause bugs so please keep an “eagle eye” out for that.
  • Upgrades now have a total cap, which is 400 for all units except Old Faithful (200).
  • Prevent Lean flying type from being applied to the keyboard in more cases.
  • Tied gun and 180 a little more closely on the spinattack.
  • Race Leader tweaked
  • Snake Angel tweaked so it doesn’t get split forever
  • Numerous tweaks to laser and sniper guns.
  • Slightly more likely to get useful items in loot drops now.
  • Tons of internal changes to make more interesting, solid content in the future.

Don’t forget that you’re an important part of making this game! Your videos, your comments, your bug reports, and your presence in this game all work to make it better!

As always, good skies!