Even while the FOB is being dismantled, we’ve still got time for one more new piece of tech.

The birds in the lab have picked apart a captured enemy spawn device and decoded its secrets. The new Drone Printer can be attached to an equipment slot and used to rapidly construct and deploy small autonomous allies.

They’ve made a new airframe to house this tech, and it’s called The Engineer.

The Engineer creates stationary turrets, locking down an area of the sky with fire from multiple angles. They drop facing the direction of your travel and don’t rotate very quickly, so line up your runs carefully. The turrets also degrade rapidly, but you can keep them alive a bit longer by staying near them.

The Engineer also comes with a new maneuver – the forward warp. Repurposing the blink tech from The Merlin, the warp will snap you a short distance across space without hitting projectiles in between.

The side effects on the avian body from this kind of travel are classified.

See both new pieces of tech in action in this test footage:

A limited run of War Bonds have helped fund enough Engineers for the entire squadron. You have less than a day until the operations are concluded, so make the most of that time. I want those felines to miss us.

As always, I wish you Good Skies.



  • New Engineer class, available to all
  • Thanks for the feedback on the Merlin! Here’s a few changes to tighten that up:
    • Lock-on range increased
    • Lock-on now works better with larger units
    • Armor increased by 30%
  • Fixed bug where Assault’s bash wasn’t doing damage
  • Fixed double-distance Rapier barrel roll