Good morning, pilots.

TenPN here, to fill you in with the latest developments.

The skunkworks have produced a new aircraft for us to take the fight to the felines. The Duster is designed to take on many small-to-medium enemies at once, containing and eventually dominating entire dogfights. It does this through two new innovations:

The Dust Trail lays explosives in mid-air at high speed, allowing the pilot to fence off an entire region of sky. No-one gets in or out without your say so:

And the Spin Attack quickly changes direction through a well-timed shotgun blast, combining agility and danger in one package:

The extra foresight required to successfully fly The Duster means that we’ve limited it to our best pilots for now. Be on the lookout for any kinks; the skunkworks designers want all the feedback they can get.

You may notice that The Duster’s two new innovations are actually combinations of our existing tech. Previously, our items could only do one thing at a time – shooting, clouds, and so on – which limited how we deployed them. But the birds in the lab can now make multi-action items, through a new invention they’re calling “duck tape”. On top of that they’ve figured out how to add actions to engine and armor items, which will make customising your aircraft increasingly interesting.

You will also find the HUD has gone through some changes. First, the old Attack field is gone, replaced by Damage. This new number is a better representation of how dangerous your ship and pilot are, irrespective of the weapon you have equipped. If you want more details on the weapon, the pop-up panel now shows you a lot more stats:

This should make it easier to compare the more complex weapons.

We’ve also received a shipment of new quickchat icons, which are being fitted to your ships as we speak.

One final flight notice: do not be alarmed if your acid clouds seem darker than normal. Central Flight Control has added a blackening compound as part of their initiative to make the battlesky more readable:

As always, pilots, I wish you Good Skies.


Zveno SPB update:

  • New class: Duster, with bullet trail and spin attack
  • Storage menu uses same popup panel as hud
  • Popup panel shows way more info about guns
  • Visual quickchat icons
  • Medic can now use laser
  • All enemy bullets have more uniform sizes
  • Lots of weapon balancing and tweaks, including removing elemental damage from T5-8 guns and tweaking its use in higher-tier guns
  • Guard kitten no longer uses shurikens; they’re not ninjas any more
  • More iteration on wall art
  • New “Damage” stat on hud
  • Explosions, clouds and blasts are now quicker and less distracting
  • Acid clouds are now black
  • Fixed black holes in the world
  • Fixed players getting stuck with sheilds after going through portal
  • Fixed one cause of black screens when trying to join
  • Fixed weirdness if you died while entering a portal
  • Paw Paw Barracks dungeon has a non-useless drop rate
  • Fixed bash maneuver being less effective when combo’d with shotguns