“Blackburn B-20” Update

Pushing out a small update today, mostly bug fixes!


  • Zombie bullets should be fixed, though it should be noted that I couldn’t repro this after the one time so it’s hard to be completely certain.
  • Fixed Duster selection issues, which probably also fixes a bunch of other item weirdnesses.
  • The Bash damage calculation had a math error in it, so we fixed that because Math is Truth. Bumped the multiplier so things are roughly where they used to be, but it’s still probably a little less powerful than before.
  • Spin Attack progression enhanced. Higher tiers have more bullets!
  • Fixed some exceptions that you probably didn’t see but might have caused issues.
  • Retired Dama.

Thanks to tenpn for making these builds for us. Thanks to all you players who diligently reported these issues as they occurred!