“Hillson Bi-mono” Update

There’s a few visible changes this week, such as changes to the way nearly all enemy bullets look. Just casually tossing that out there. We’ve heard that it’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s going on when there’s boatloads of bullets onscreen, so one thing we could do is make the enemy bullets more distinct from player bullets. Another thing we could do, and did, is reduce the opacity of the bullets that other players are firing (your own bullets remain at full opacity). Let’s hope it makes a difference!

Check out the new art for the Hypnotist! A swing of the jewel and it’s time to die! Wait, that’s the Time Ghost’s line.

I also wanted to call out one more interesting change: previously, after you teleported, you’d be shielded for a bit. This gave you enough time to see what was going on and figure out whether or not to skedaddle. Sometimes, though, you just want to get fighting. So now, if you fire or drop a cloud, it will cancel that invincibility immediately. It’s your choice!

“Hillson Bi-mono” changelog

  • Fixed a few quest markers so you see higher-level targets quicker, pulling you forward through the game (still a work in progress)
  • Damage tracking is more reliable. In the past there was a chance but not a guarantee that damage percent would persist after leaving and returning. Now players should be able to earn items after dealing sufficient minimum damage across multiple connections with a given plane.
  • Do a better job of detecting overly long requests, and fix a few exceptions that were happening around this. Should make headway on players getting stuck in the world.
  • “added elemental untiereds and balanced all other untiereds”
  • Visual noise: enemy bullets sort on top of other bullets, and in theory should render on top of clouds but in practice that’s only halfway
  • Visual noise: the bullets of players other than yourself are drawn at 40% opacity, which is fainter but not ridiculously faint.
  • Visual noise: non-boss enemy bullets are a lot more red and consistent now. Their sizes correspond more with the amount of damage they do.
  • Upgrades have better icons now! They still need names, though.
  • Fixed the “yellow flashes” bug which was caused by the fullscreen shader flipping one of its layers on some platform and quality combinations.
  • Fixed some player bullets which were yellow or red.
  • Added sounds to chat bar.
  • Race Leader tweaked a bit. It now has a cool starting line kinda unit.
  • Tweaks to Hypnotist in response to forum feedback
  • Hypnotist has new art
  • Poison blasts show stats in the info panel
  • Overworld walls are now floating in an attempt to alleviate “weird ass borders going through walls”
  • Resolve issues where you could pay for a cloud but not drop it right after going through a teleport.
  • Firing while safe after a teleport cancels the safety.
  • Dr Octo colliders fixed.
  • Audio reduced in volume by about 50% across the board.
  • New elemental armor, resist, weak, and weakness icons.

Thanks for all your bug reports — we’ve received a few high-quality ones lately that we’ve been looking into. Best wishes to all of you and hoping you have the best skies!