“Cierva W.9” Update

Good morning, Pilots.

I’m tenpn and I’m writing this week’s update in rdw’s stead. He’s having some well-deserved R&R this week which means we’ve not got quite as much to show as usual, but there’s still some significant changes incoming.

(Did you know the Cierva W.9 was a very early British helicopter that used directed jet thrust to counter torque, instead of a tail rotor? Much like the modern-day MD Explorer!)

This week we’ve made the Hog more distinct by giving it a new type of poison cloud, a blast similar to the Medic’s heal blast, but laced with incredibly pure captnip. The birds in the lab have not yet been able to make this effect linger in the air like our other clouds, but it has proven extremely potent while it lasts.

New hogs will come with the blast effect by default. Existing hogs will keep their poison cloud effect for now, but will not be able to equip other poison clouds. Poison blasts found in the field will be equippable instead.

The birds in the lab note that poison blast clouds aren’t yet showing the tier correctly beneath the icon. I am assured that there is an order of fresh numbers placed with the number factory, and they will be installed as soon as they arrive. The shipment has arrived, and blasts are now correctly numbered. Stand down.

Golden skin components are already easier to find at 1am UTC, but the latest intel suggests another window, around 1pm UTC, where the skins may also be found. This is convenient, because it allows many European and Asian birds to join the hunt!

Worrying reports reach us of a new cat prototype, The Hypnotist. We do not yet know its strength or character; engage with caution.

As always, pilots, I wish you Good Skies. Dismissed.

Cierva W.9 changelog:
– The Hog has a new cloud, poison blast. Instant damage similar to the Medic’s health blast.
– New Hypnotist event boss! Don’t look him directly in the watch.
– Added a new golden hour, 12 hours from the other, for birds in non-American timezones
– Terrain borders should be much more consistent
– Tweaking some instakill moments, including Cancer, Suijin and Sentinels.
– Suijin is now a fire elemental, to smooth out the introduction to elements
– Kraken always drops loot!
– Notra has been promoted to a tier 6 boss position based on consistently meeting sales targets
– XP tweaks, including removing some farming opportunities and making others more rewarding
– Fixed getting stuck in the hangar (again)
– Start of work to reduce visual noise. There’s more to come here, but for now player elemental bullets are less extravagant.