Private alpha, phase 1, will be wrapping up on April 29th!

Hey folks – just want to give you the heads up that we plan to shut down the private alpha servers at the end of the day on April 29th. We’re doing this for a few reasons, the biggest of them being that we’d like to have at least a few weeks of “quiet time” when we can focus on solving issues with the game – particularly big technical issues – without feeling the pressure of needing to constantly ship updates to address the needs of the alpha community. But fear not, there will be an “private alpha phase 2″ (or maybe private beta phase 1”, depending on how we’re feeling about our progress) not too long after the 29th. We’ll send out an email and post on this forum when that time comes, of course!

I can’t overstate how grateful we are for all your incredibly helpful feedback and the many hours you’ve already sunk into this game despite all the rough edges it has. You’ve given us a huge burst of energy and made us twice as excited to eventually ship this sucker worldwide. 🙂

<3 all the Spry Foxes!