Beast Mode

It’s still Balance Week here at Spry Fox. Probably will be Balance Week for a while, really. Today’s balance change works to make the leveling up process a little less trivial. Planes won’t be able to jump to L13 just be being near one giant boss’s death. Gotta earn it a little more!

Loot and other pickups now signal that they are about to expire by shrinking. You’ve got a little bit of time left on that item, you can still grab it!

The game now shows the amount of Steam your clouds use in the info panel.

Race Leader now gives out a reasonable amount of XP.

There are more server-side optimizations! This is how you feed the beast. Or tame the beast, maybe? Definitely some beasting going on, whichever.

We continue to work on new bosses, dungeons, and features like storage and in-game key rebinding. Things are starting to take longer per feature!