Mandatory Fun

Another midday, another update from the presses!

There’s a modest exploit that we’ve put out a fix for. It turned out that you got XP while invulnerable during a teleport, or while the Bug Report dialog was open. The tough thing about easy exploits like this is that even if you know you shouldn’t be using it, you feel like you have to in order to make progress. Better to remove the temptation. So now you don’t get XP while invulnerable. This also has the side effect of showing other folks your invulnerable shield. (Is it “folks” or “yolks”? Can we wedge a bird pun into everything?)

There’s a better test dungeon for us, so when we want to test high-level units, we don’t wreck the beach with our monster killer bosses.

It’s really hard to repro the “invisible player name” bug, so I’m just gonna keep on throwing potential fixes out the door until one of them sticks. Making games == making pasta.

The Hawkeye untiered weapon got nerfed some more to see if we can make it be a little less #winning.

The Hog’s shield size got reduced in size a bit, so it can fit down hallways.

The Robo Throne of the Great Leader has been revamped and expanded. Should be harder now! Prepare to die! Get out a little plane coffin and have some lilies on hand, cause death is certain and you want it to be dealt with smoothly! Ha ha!

Neon Hyper Drifter grew a tail. That should make it more interesting
to take out. It also has a larger collider and is more dangerous from
the front! Only approach from the rear.

We’ve fixed the Beach Defender so it doesn’t sometimes send its units on a little space program.

Aaaand a few server performance optimizations in a pear tree.