Cool Story Bird

A wee little exploit allowed you to fly sideways as an invulnerable Rapier. After the XP change from yesterday, it was kinda a “get no XP” trick, but still! Worth fixing! And fixed.

You’re now safe for 2 seconds after teleporting using /teleport or /tp, as you are when teleporting by pressing ‘c’. Not sure how that one slipped past us, guess it must have…teleported.

Andrew Fray has started contributing to Steambirds! You might know him as the inimitable lead developer of Alphabear. He’s been doing a bunch of little fixes over the past week, but today his contribution is a little more visible: he’s improved the bug reporter screen! Now, the keyboard command to activate it is Ctrl-R so it’s harder to hit accidentally. It also works under more circumstances, so if you’re having trouble connecting or on a black screen you can (hopefully) report that now! Let us know if it doesn’t work and tell us roughly what the game was doing and we’ll try and make it work then, too!

We’ve optimized the unit death a little bit. It used to be that when any enemy unit died, anywhere in the world, it would send the death notification to everyone, everywhere. That’s not efficient! Now it sends it only to the players that can see it. Always the possibility of a subtle bug, so please let me know if you see any zombies ghosts “units that look like they should have died yet are still hanging around forever”.

Race Leader is now higher-tier and drops higher-tier items. Kraken, too! You’re Worth It.

Whaleshark doesn’t have a huge shield anymore.