Monday Is For Lovers

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Here’s our Monday update with a few little things in it.

Player names are now capitalized as entered. Now you can go about with the moniker “xXx”! Or perhaps “xxDEATHxx”? I think I really like the letter X.

You can now use the commands /teleport <name> and /tp <name> to teleport to people whose names you know. This is zxcv’s moment!

I rolled out a fix to mitigate hangar-related item and level loss bugs on Friday. Should have made life easier over the weekend. Let me know if you run into any other hangar bugs!

We added functionality for bosses to clean up their minions, which should make it less weird to defeat the main island. I streamed the implementation of this live on our stream on Friday! Be sure to follow our channel for future notifications. We have to do the fix unit-by-unit, though, so if you see any bosses that seem like they’re not defeated when they should be, let us know! (The “Gargantua’s Left Leg” bug is pretty much the best. The left leg is the strongest part of that boss! Did not skip leg day.)

Also on the livestream, I fixed a few player-movement related bugs that were reported to us.

Cancer has been made a little bit less ridiculously overspawny and fully plays out its death sequence. And in the game! Pharaoh should be less vulnerable to cheap deaths.

Fixed the typo of “Pint” to “Ping”. Looking forward to bug reports that game is no longer beer-themed.

Danc incorporated the racetrack experimental unit into the Sawboss. Now it’s the Race Leader! Looking forward to this game becoming an F1 simulator.

Health and steam drops are nerfed a bit at the high levels. Dodge about … 50% … more skillfully!

T8 item drop rate reduced. You should now be able to hold all those T8 armors…because you won’t get so many! We also reduced the untiered item drop rate.

Laser Playground should drop more often. Catch the red dot!