Short But Hot

We’re trying to shift our releases to midday, so that we don’t have to go to bed right afterward.

We added a whole new dungeon! It’s the Crypt of Cathulhu, and you might find its coordinates from some of the mountain dwellers. You might have seen us testing this on the stream before, and now it’s out there in the world, ready to challenge you! Please tell us about your experiences with it, we’re always listening.

Ray and Danc expanded the Fortress of Ra to a Temple of Ra. This thing means business, and I don’t mean show business. I guess it’s a kind of show. It has its own territory it sits on, it’s one of the bosses you have to defeat to find the final boss. Fortresses still appear in the places where Towers used to be. We embiggened them all, basically. Wait till next week, when there’s a big cauliflower-like fractal of units lasing at you.

Puntgun now has 2 shots per clip instead of 4. Totally less OP.

We fixed a few exceptions on the client and server, and improved the performance of spawning AI units a little bit.

There’s some some additional debugging logic to help track down invincible units. Thus far it seems like each of these units believes its children to be alive in spite of the fact that they are actually dead. They roam the world seeking their missing children. Meowza says, “that is the saddest bug I’ve ever heard”.

Now for the changes so minor they only require one sentence.

  • Dropships to Rebel City are named thusly.
  • Upgrades should apply only to their own plane, not every plane in your hangar.
  • Backend improvements should enable more diverse content creation in the future.