Le Weekender

We had a wonderful time playing through the weekend and putting in a bunch of small and large changes!

Almost too many changes to write down! I’ll summarize as best I can with the greatest invention of Tim Berners-Lee: the bulleted list.

  • Grindhouse dungeon unit art.
  • Phoenix made to wander a little less.
  • Various fixes to truly kill setpiece bosses better.
  • Iceboss has a name now.
  • Treasureship more reliable.
  • Scavenger and bunny are more polite about talking.
  • Bunny XP nerfed so it’s not as farmable.
  • Puntgun no longer piercing.
  • Chat travels infinite distance, can always hear everyone. (Until we get so much chat that we need to turn down the radius again.)
  • Rapier buff.
  • Fix two Hog exploits, improve the appearance of the shield effect.
  • Bullet hits appear right where the bullet hit, old code was doing…something else.
  • Final boss buffed.
  • Colombo Repeater buffed.
  • Crab Demon added to the mission list, so you can find it! It doesn’t find you.
  • Muzzle flash location fixed, no more looking weird on the Wasp. Also whitens teeth.
  • One server performance high nail knocked down (JSON parsing).

We also got up to some serious stuff that our moms would not approve of.

Current top issues that we are looking to tackle:

  • Hangar weirdnesses, sometimes causing lost items/levels.
  • Mission selection not finding high level bosses, making it hard to defeat the island.
  • Server performance in general. Gotta go fast!
  • Invisible undead enemies. Or is this a feature!??! (no)

[Update: We just deployed a server change that we think fixes high level boss missions! Check it out and report any bugs with it, please!]