An Update That Will Live In Infamy

A gameplay day today. Many balance and unit changes made it in today.

  • Machine gun damage buffed by +50%
  • Armor upgrades now give +1 exactly, instead of the percentage bonus which was confusing and OP.
  • Reduced steam regeneration rate slightly. Not “infinity minus one”.
  • Punt gun: Reduced the number of bullets. It’s not just a nerf, it increases the tactical usage!
  • Hog: Reduced invulnerability from 5 to 1.8 seconds
  • Hog: Made it a little more squishy. Same health as an Old Faithful.
  • Nerfed damage boost clouds a bit. Fun fact about these clouds: they double your bullets so you can tell what’s going on, but they reduce the RPS of the gun so the DPS is at the multiplier of the cloud (which is usually less than 2x).
  • Antechamber to final boss is more dangerous.

You can tell that our previous Hog nerfs were not enough because there are two more in there today. We are indeed trying to kill you! In a friendly way.

We’re still working on bugs and performance, and hope to ship some of that soon!