Dropship Update Dropped

Hey y’all, it’s time for another update to Steambirds!

I saw some dungeon bugs early today, so I took the time to make that system a little more reliable and nice.

  • Dungeons are less likely to take a long time to start. The servers pre-download the files before they’re needed.
  • If for whatever reason a dungeon does not start, the corresponding dropship will disappear after a while. That’s just sensible.
  • Fixed a few issues that were causing dungeons to never start. They were all bugs that lesser programmers inserted into my code, not simple mistakes that I made! Ha ha, yep.

Dungeon dropships show their names now! So you can tell what’s on the other end. A little bit less mystery in life…. but it’s probably for the best.

In terms of rebalancing, the Assault and Hog were made a little less damaging and healthy. You’re still cool for flying them, in fact this actually makes you cooler!

On the backend, I implemented a mass color changer for Brent, to make it easier for him to assemble units out of prefab components. Slick!