Alpha Birds

Thank all of you alpha birds for reporting issues and helping us make Steambirds the best game it can be! All the threads on the forums, I’m reading avidly, and the bug reports, too. We have so much stuff we’re excited to build!

This evening, I rolled out a small bugfix to the client. It used to get confused about which enemy unit was your actual mission target. It’d be like “mission complete, you killed Peg Boy!” Man, there ain’t no one who cares about some dang ol’ peg boy, I tell you what. So now that should be fixed and it’ll show only the units that the server assigned to you. I believe that there’s still an issue with higher-tier missions, which I’ll have to look into some other day. It also assigns missions less frequently, so it should be less frenetic.

More server performance improvements are also rolling out, though these are pretty small, mostly just piggybacking on yesterday’s changes. Spending more time on performance over the next few days.

I started running a second world server, Preyton, to capture any overflow. If Danielvania is getting too full, head on over to Preyton for that smooth enemy experience that you love!

Lastly, there’s a few tweaks to health drop rates in the higher level areas, you probably won’t notice those at all. 😀