In the final sprint to launch…

Hello pilots! Now that M2 and dungeon mods are live in production and seem to be working reasonably well, we are buckling down and completing the final tasks standing in the way between us and end-of-beta. You can expect a steady stream of balance improvements, bugfixes, and client/server performance improvements. (We’ll also be adding a beta-exclusive loot drop next week.)

Here are the changes that will be appearing in prod very shortly!

Balance/content changes

Tons of changes for you this week, and more coming next week:

  • Wednesday’s group bounty quest has been replaced with a new one focused on a new enemy: the Retaliator. This is a beefy unit that will be appearing in the Imperial City, only on Wednesdays. It drops Stiffs at the same rate as the Grand Lion. (Next week, we’ll introduce a new Saturday bounty target that drops Dopes.)
The Retaliator wants to… well, you know…
  • The Vaults’ key and quest have been redesigned to be simpler and clearer. The key now follows an invisible rail down the main path, which means griefers shouldn’t be able to steal the key and take it away. The key also drops a unit called Essence of Worthiness, which is a shiny thing that you touch with your plane in order to get credit for helping move the key. If you collect 10 essence and deliver the key, you get the full rewards.
  • The hallway after 3 Brothers has been redesigned. There are now 2 big lasers that come shooting from the end of the hallway, some of M2 turrets on the sides, and the hallway itself is wider.
  • Old Faithful can now equip Arcs in addition to all the other weapons, has +10% damage, and a better turn radius.
  • Speculative attempt at a fix for issues with disconnected doorways in Temple of Bast.
  • Nothing you can buy in the store for Scrap is directly tradeable anymore.
  • M2 turrets now have proper (creepy) art, and the M2 environment art has been finalized.
  • Slight nerf to M2’s nuke storm, to make it feel fairer.
  • Fixed the Spider’s phase skipping bug, and also a bug that could cause malformed webs.
  • Changed Arc skill 2B to postAdd
  • Speculative fix for conveyor belt desync dance issue
  • Speculative fix for M2’s laser getting spontaneously cut off

QoL changes

While we hate to put an end to an ongoing meme:

  • New “Banishees” in the M1 waiting room that will automatically teleport any lingering players to the Rebel City to prevent them from being vaporized by the Viceroy.
  • Added a menu option to make superspeeding your default movement state outside of the Rebel City.
  • Quest guidance should only point at islands with room for more players now.
  • Phoenix no longer spams multiple damage reports.
  • Units should no longer appear invincible when they aren’t actually invincible.


It never stops.

  • TONS of server work, including yet another attempt at further improving server lag.
  • Fixed broken bug reporting, so you can once again generate bug reports in game.