Joyous Jazzy Jays

Last week we rolled out a nice big update, with a huge collection of big and small changes. This week we’re hitting you with a much smaller update, including a number of polish and bug fix updates from the feedback we’ve been getting. We’re still working hard to get more of the bugs and polish items fixed, but we didn’t want you to wait for these.

Note: we haven’t finished all the fixes for the controls menu, but if you’re experiencing weird issues with that, we ask that you try reset controls to default and see if that cleans things up for you.

  • Changed base storage from 12 to 16 spaces, so there’s a more storage space for everyone. All current players should get another 4 free spaces.
  • Added all variant skins to the store – grabs those Dagger Knight and Siege Tank skins now!
  • Fixed friend list lockup/crash when opening menu
  • Fixed navigation getting stuck in small inventories.
  • Fixed bug causing friend information to show on other button hovers.
  • Quick Heal added to shared controls.
  • Moved fire, secondary, superspeed and maneuver out of shared controls into separate plane controls.
  • New conversations in the Rebel City, for the first time you visit the various buildings.
  • Fix some bugs with guns on skills – no more missing or delayed bullets from skills
  • Add cloud triggers for remaining Medic skills
  • Add more secondary mods for remaining Duster and Bandit skills
  • Nerfed DK and sniper skills that lowered gun reload times to fix broken DPS
  • Nerfed Bandit 4-B skill to not be so OP
  • Range mods from skills also affect Arc ranges
  • VFX/polish updates: Ancient Arena, The Dig, Reducation Camp, Temple of Bast, The Vaults, Super Secret Base, Venom Compound
  • Ancient Arena wave 10: You fight 2 of the same miniboss simultaneously
  • Fixed flak cannon being basically free
  • Added flak cannons T1-T10
  • Balance change: Merlin: Increased health by 10%, increased turn speed while speeding
  • Balance change: Medic: Decreased health by 10%
  • Balance change: Engineer: Increased health by 10%
  • Fixed some spawning bugs (hotfixed already), and make the system more robust so small errors in the future.
  • Added small safe zone on islands near spawning point
  • Make sure you can’t fire a death gun more than once per plane – once that fires off, it’s tickets for that plane.
  • Some other smaller bugs and minor crashes.