Last day of both FF and the Alpha Competition!

Dearest pilots: the final day of reckoning is at hand, in more ways than one. Tomorrow is not only the last day of the Alpha competition, but also the last Friendly Friday (forever, most probably!) After tomorrow, the game will cease to be available for a couple months — that’s a rough estimate, please don’t hold us to it — and then finally we’ll open it back up 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to everyone who has received a Steam code. And then hopefully sometime “soon” after that, we’re finally ready for beta, at which point everyone who is subscribed to our newsletter will receive an invite. If you want to get a Steam code before beta, please join us for our livestreams on Fridays at 11am PST, during which times we plan to give out a code now and then.

And speaking of the Alpha Competition: the ever-remarkable Zed is still at the top of almost every leaderboard, but has finally been (at least for now) displaced by Pabu on the “least damage taken by Meowza with 5% minimum damage contribution” board, and displaced by Jhirin on the “most damage dealt to Meowza” board. Will Zed manage to reclaim the top spots on those boards? Will anyone manage to dislodge Zed from the other ones? All these questions and more will be answered tomorrow. 😉

By the way, there’s a new build. Here’s what’s happening in it:

  • Berserker has more HP-triggered states so there is more of a sense of escalation
  • The Arena’s premature closing bug is fixed
  • Gargantua wandering far out of battle area is fixed
  • Fixed many units that had weird name/hp display issues
  • Some improvements and fixes to our new backend (not visible to players, but good stuff)
  • Fixed the messed up usernames.
  • More work on the auditing system. We now have automated clients/bots that play normally or cheat to help us generate data.
  • Improvements to the network serialization (less allocation and memory garbage).
  • Speed engines now only affect superspeed instead of default speed
  • Superspeed added to stats menu (all the details were there, but now you get a nice aggregate amount)