Slowly Waking Up As If From A Dream

First up, some eye candy. The SN-Z boss battle now has its own meshes. This one has long been a favorite of mine, nice to see it in fine fighting form.

We have a new T4 boss, Berserker! It’s a little rough around the edges since it’s new, and it doesn’t have its own models yet, but you can find it in the highlands. It’s a brawler that runs around leaving long slash marks made of bullets, and pain. It has multiple lunge and chase attacks that force you to dodge. Occasionally, it creates a minefield that can be destroyed for health & steam.

The speed pilot skills and upgrades now increase your superspeed instead. “More super.” Speed engines remain the same — they boost both baseline and super speed.

Minor changes:

  • When you click on option toggles it actually toggles the option instead of simply appearing to. UI shouldn’t lie.
  • We tweaked the set of enemies whose healthbars are hidden. Things like treasure chests and walls will now have healthbars. We’re continuing to think about the T10 enemies which don’t have healthbars but also take a more than a few shots to kill.
  • We weren’t able to reproduce the bug with people getting stuck in storage, though it appears to continue to happen. Some sort of timing thing, we think. We did add more logging, so if you get stuck in the storage or any other building, please report a bug with the bug reporter and it’ll send us the logs.
  • We experimented with switching to the new Mono runtime in Unity. The expected benefits would be faster script execution, and shorter hitches for garbage collection. We got those, but the downside was that standalone builds crashed every 5 minutes. So we can’t ship with that! Maybe in a later version of Unity.
  • The game is about 30 MB smaller. We removed some unused assets. [[210,hashtags]]

Thanks for giving us feedback and bug reports! Good skies tomorrow!