Oh Baby

Spry Fox was created in February of 2010. In all the time since then, none of our teammates have had babies… until this week, when both Pat and Adam+Sarah welcomed their first children into the world. 🙂 Meanwhile, Ryan left mid-week for vacation while Ray and I were attending E3. TLDR: less got done this week than usual, and that will probably continue to be the case for the next several weeks, while some of the aforementioned team members become intimately acquainted with sleep deprivation! 😉

All that said, there are some goodies in this week’s build:

  • New hypnotist art (see pic below),
  • Increased the Medic class’ steam regeneration,
  • T9 and T10 drops are more rare now (except from Meowza – he still drops at the same rate),
  • Bugs with poison cloud lifetime were fixed,
  • Dungeon tier now appears on the carrier deck, and,
  • Minor tweaks to Cancer (fence changes).