“Northrop N-1M” Update

Hope you like numbers! Cause we’re serving up a big heaping dish of numeric delights today.

In the form of a stats window for your plane and pilot stats! Look at all those zeros, ones, and if you’re lucky, twos.

It answers a lot of questions, such as, which pilot skills you have already, how close you are to the upgrade caps, what your cumulative benefit is from the upgrades, and how many experience points you need for that next level. I think this is the first time we’ve exposed the pilot training points in a visible way before! So those might be unbalanced.

You can access the stats window from the Options menu.

We got a little tired of the Medic not being able to punch its weight, so we removed the damage reduction on it. That should be nice!

Check out these new blue explosions! These trigger when enemies self-destruct. They don’t want their technology secrets to fall into the wrong hands, so when the battle is lost, expendable units just pop themselves.

There’s a ton of small bug fixes and QoL improvements, including one that will help with the problem of getting stuck in invincible mode and not being able to escape (the root cause of this is still undetermined however).
Northrop N-1M Changelog

  • Stats menu shows detailed plane and pilot info.
  • Robo Bomber’s Z adjusted so the collider lines up.
  • Medic damage increased to par with other units.
  • Accidental T10 drops reduced.
  • Phoenix stage 1 fire resistant.
  • New explosion effect that indicates enemy self-destruction.
  • Fixed random XP awards in Meowza room. Everyone gets bees!
  • Double health regen and halved the effect of most regen buffs. Taking regen from “really sucks” to “just sucks” was the goal
  • Upgrades have more flavor text. You’ll be able to get the novel in a Collector’s Edition! (not really)
  • Added an upgrade that increases max steam.
  • Fixed enemies that were nondeterministically failing to bring up their shields, making some encounters way easier than they should have been.
  • Elemental lasers recategorized from T10 to UT.
  • Reduce spawn rate of Suijin.
  • Cancer Demon gets a bit more space in its walls.
  • Upgraded loot drops on both Cancer Demon and Suijin.
  • Bosses that drop dungeons, when they drop a dungeon, will now also drop loot so someone doesn’t lose out.
  • Fix hovering sometimes unsticking when rapid-fire chatting.
  • Upload a tiny gif along with every bug report (it’s only enabled if you have > 900 MB GPU memory because it takes up 40 MB of texture memory).
  • Player plane rolls in death animation to further emphasize the moment of loss of control.
  • Maybe fix the bug where you could get stuck upside down (though this was pretty cool).
  • Use bigger elemental FX when you hit a unit which is weak to that element.
  • New Art! Side Guard and Seed Bot.
  • Reduce Reeducation Camp drop rate from Vampires, they were falling out there like candy!
  • Buff Gold Assault to match Green Assault (hope you like that name because it’s super catchy)
  • Bash particle FX show when plane is slowed. You still don’t move very far when bashing in this state, but you do damage and get the sparks. Hot rod!
  • Mazer Omega fully returns home and it shouldn’t be possible to kite it too far.
  • Client tries more ports before giving up on the connection, from 70 to 10,000. Not really sure why the client is running out of ports, it’s probably really something else that’s just showing up as though it’s out of ports, but if this works it’ll fix one category of “staring at black screen” bugs.
  • You can now Return Home (to the Rebel City) when shielded. Should up the reliability of this particular mechanic.
  • Initial safety time when entering a world increased to 5 seconds, from 2. It’s also made more consistent with the other player safety modes, in that you can’t fire or get XP while safe.
  • Sanity checking to report if two items get equipped to the same slot.
  • Fixed display of Untiered items in hangar menu.
  • When a portal is dropped, any loot dropped along with it moves downwards. This is to prevent it from being hidden behind the portal.

We cherish your feedback and place it in an open pasture where it is free to run. As nature intended. An MMO is really just a series of little problems that need to be fixed; because you folks are so diligent about speaking up when stuff is wrong, we can get to it that much faster. Thank you again for your support!