“Kellett XR-8” Update

Events! At 6pm Pacific Time every night we’ll be having Golden Hour in the game (it lasts for 2 hours but that doesn’t fit on a campaign button). That means increased chances of Golden Assaults, from more bosses! We know that the game is at its best when the servers have a healthy population, so use this event to rally with other folks. Better, together.

We’ve asked for feedback on enemies that tend to do one-shots, and we touched a ton of individual units that were Bad News. It’s great to be able to count on you folks! Check out the huge list in the changelog. I’m sure there’s more that we haven’t gotten to yet; if you notice some more units that we should keep from one-shotting you, let us know in the forum thread!

The new unit art in the highlands is a real masterwork. Look at this robot predator!

Another subtle but relatively important change is that we’ve substantially increased the chance of getting loot that will prepare you for the next area. The idea is that as you’re fighting in an area containing enemies of a particular tier, you should have a small but reasonable chance to get an item that’s of the next higher tier, which will get you ready to move on to the next area. In the past, the chance was “vanishingly small”, now it’s merely “uncommon”. This one small change will have a big ripple effect.

“Kellett XR-8” Changelog

  • Safety and hover logic is now refcounted. This might fix a few bugs in the short term, but in the medium term, we can do more things like teleport while safe.
  • Racer elemental weakness fixed
  • Sound: local player shots are played unspatialized
  • Tweaks to a ton of units to reduce 1-shot kills:
    • Alien Ambassador
    • Space Ranger
    • Cancer
    • Summoners
    • Immortal Guardians
    • Cyclopus
    • Laser Eye
    • Time Ghost
    • Tower/Fortress/Temple of Ra
    • Space Lion
    • Flame Puppy
    • Fire Wolf
    • Altar of Death (oh, really?)
    • Sprinkles
    • Suijin
    • Meowza
  • Wasp overhauled, with more variety!
  • A new experimental dungeon, Big Paw Barracks!
  • New art for highlands units:
    • Robo Bomber
    • Robot Snake
    • Robot of Unusual Design
    • Brother Bomber
    • Sister Bomber
  • Fix vulnerable gap between sending bug report and returning home
  • Adjusted collider and art positions in Cancer, Sniper, and Spotter units because it was hard to tell where to aim at them.
  • Steam bonus on Rapier dropped to 1.5x from 2x.
  • Sound: Better stacking algorithm for enemy bullets, should perform better in crowded areas.
  • Sound: Other players’ shots go through a different audio bus so can’t stomp on your own shot sounds.
  • Fix performance drop when poison clouding enemies.
  • Increased drop rates on elemental weapons and armors.
  • Increased drop rates of higher-tier items from all units.
  • Increase T7-9 drop rates.
  • Elemental weakness/resist icons shown for more enemies.
  • Mazer Omega overhauled a bit to be more interesting/less grindy
  • Portal progress circles reversed to make more sense. Now it goes from orange/empty to green/full when powering up, then stays green and shrinks down as it gets close to disappearing.
  • Sound: many sounds switched to linear falloff
  • Sound: added fade to variations to hopefully reduce rough cutoffs
  • Sound: adjusted volumes
  • Sound: fixed channel issues between enemyhits and playerhits (was backwards)
  • Cancer was giving out 2x as much items as was intended.
  • Small buff to Angel Laser
  • Golden Hour event

It’s extra clear this time that we’re getting a ton of high-quality feedback from you Alpha players. Thank you so much! Happy flying!

[Update: deployed a few bug fixes for the art and for some bosses not giving out loot.]